ML   LifeSciences   is   a   leading   contract   manufacturer   of   custom   sterile   reagents   and   media meeting    the    needs    of    clinicians,    researchers    and    laboratory    professionals    within    QC laboratory,   diagnostic,   biotech   and   veterinary   applications   across   traditional   and   innovative formulations.
As a dedicated contract manufacturer, ML LifeSciences is focused on delivering quality product solutions for the most demanding projects and critical timelines of our customers. We manufacture products for applications within a wide variety of life science disciplines including reagent product solutions for emerging laboratory techniques. ML LifeSciences’ clients rest assured that a rigorously controlled manufacturing system consistently provides products to the highest quality standards, on time delivery and superior value.
Product Capability and Manufacturing Comittment
ML    LifeSciences    is    registered    and    compliant    with    all    appropriate    federal    and    state    regulatory agencies.    Maintaining    those    standards    of    compliancy    allows    clients    peace    of    mind    about    the manufacturing   processes   and   training   standards   that   we   employ.   Our   manufacturing   processes   are wide-ranging and include:
Sterile solutions Aseptic fills Non sterile fill to terminally sterile processing Sterile filtration filling
These   processes   finish   in   a   variety   of   client-specified   sterile   packaging   of   both   glass   and   plastic containers   including   syringes,   transport   vials   and   tubes,   PVC   and   EVA   solution   bags,   LDPE   and polycarbonate bottles.
Some    of    the    varied    and    common    primary    product    capabilities    at    our    facility    are    listed    below. However,   ML   LifeSciences   offers   a   complete   spectrum   of   sterile   chemistry   services.   If   you   are interested in additional services, please contact our office.
Non injectable sterile syringe fill Aseptic fills Quality control liquid media for sterility testing (i.e. TSB and FTM) Vial and tube fills, septum cap, crimp and sterilization Dry chemical/ reagent container filling Filling and sterilization of flexible PVC and EVA solution containers
From   Standard   Solution   to   the   newest   innovations,   ML   LifeSciences   is   able   to   provide   timely consistent   quality   products   for   both   custom   contract   manufacturing   and   standard   manufactured reagents.
ML   LifeSciences   performs   both   high   quality   aseptic   fill/finish   capabilities   along   with   terminally sterilized   products   for   our   clients   needs.   From   a   one   time   project   to   an   extended   product campaign,    we    can    offer    all    inclusive    solutions.    ML    LifeSciences    has    the    expertise    and capabilities   to   assist   you   with;   product   design,   filling,   inspection,   packaging,   labeling,   closures, and much more.
ML LifeSciences is a contract manufacturer specializing in aseptic and terminally sterilized fill/finish products that is produced for a broad spectrum of applications and clients within the life sciences field. ML Lifesciences operations and quality control procedures provides consistent results at a superior value. We provide creative and timely solutions for your manufacturing needs and while maintaining the highest quality standards needed for a successful product delivery. ML LifeSciences is committed to manufacturing a superior product for our clients; partnering with them to exceed their expectations. ML LifeSciences understands that our clients success, and our success, ultimately depends upon the quality and timeliness of products we deliver. Contact our office to discuss how we can help with any current or future manufacturing needs you have.
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Cell Culture media in transport vials and tubes
Microbiology media - TSB, FTM and Fluids A, D & K - in vials, bags and tubes
Proprietary formulation in 2 L bag
Syringe Fills